Chapter Officers
The H.O.G officers work hard to schedule and organize trips, events, dinner runs and parties for the enjoyment of the H.O.G Club members. We have planned a new variety of trips this year traveling to destinations yet to be explored.
Director\Road Captain - Glen Glasscock
Assistant Director\Road Captain - Baynetta Jordan
Treasurer\Photogropher - Donna Ford
Secretary - Laura McNamara
H.O.G. Manager - Cass Cartwright Nolan
Safety Officer\Road Captain - Brad Bullington
Benevolence\Road Captain - Stacy Creitz
Webmaster\Head Road Captain - Paul Thomas
Membership -
Road Captains
Head Road Captain\Webmaster - Paul Thomas
Road Captain - Mark Putman
Bill Blann
Road Captain - Bill Blann
Road Captain - Ronnie Simpson
Road Captain - Randy Hancock
Road Captain - David Gibson
Road Captain - Josh Flud
Road Captain\Director - Glen Glasscock
Road Captain - Terry Ford
Road Captain - Tim Turck
Road Captain\Safety Officer - Brad Bullington
Road Captain - Kent Jamas
Road Captain\Benevolence- Stacy Creitz
Road Captain\Assistant Director - Baynetta Jordan
Road Captain - Mark Diebel